65 million years ago...
Earth found itself in the path of a deadly meteor. The animals of the world were helpless - the large, the small, the microscopic, and even the aquatic. But a few lucky species survived, stranded on small islands scattered across the globe.

1930, aboard a cargo ship in the Atlantic...

A hardy crew of sailors accompanying an eccentric explorer became lost at sea in the midst of a dangerous storm. With no communication, a damaged ship, and thousands of miles between them and any semblance of civilization, they found refuge on a tropical island. Little did they know, ancient raptors still inhabited the jungle paths there. Weeks after, the survivors were rescued and the world was forever changed...

2020, in labs across the world...

Ever since the discovery in 1930, scientists have been encountering more and more forgotten raptor islands across the world. There appear to be quite a variety of these beasts, and they do not behave as expected - as it turns out, raptors are quite the thieves, swiping trinkets and items from the scientists who raise them. It appears they have somewhat of a social structure too, with Alphas, Betas, and a much more powerful subspecies of Primes that appear to have been altered by the different environments they live in.



A New Dawn Approaches

A collection of 1,500 Raptors are released on Solana, May 15th, 2022.

WL & OG Presale Mint: May 15, 2022
2:00 PM UTC

 Public Mint: May 15, 2022
3:30 PM UTC - sell out


Raptor Academy

Learn how to succeed in the NFT space with a collection of tools and resources created by the Raptor Pack team. Join in educational sessions by leading NFT traders and creators hosted in our Discord. Participate in workshops aimed at helping creators develop their project.


Airdrops, Giveaways...

We will start rewarding holders after mint starting with special Primes airdropped to 5 lucky holders. Then, exclusive channels in the discord will give you access to ongoing Giveaways. There will also be various airdrops that reward holders that hold Raptors with specific attributes. You may want to hold onto your Raptors with a Grey Hoodie, Egg Nest, or Twenty-Four K to name a few.



A Raptor Pack clothing line and plushies will be launched on our website. All merch will be released in waves of pre-orders on a 3-month basis. All profits from these sales will go directly back into the Raptor Fund fund.


Raptor Fund

Funded by a portion of initial sales, a portion of secondary sales, and all merch profits. Used to fund future development of tools and resources, pay salaries, bring in experts, and develop our dashboard.



A dashboard of holder exclusive tools to help you in the NFT space. Stake your Raptors for holder rewards, voting on educational sessions, and more...

Project Team


Project Lead


Workflow Wizard


Blockchain Developer


Creative Director


Game Master


Lead Artist

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